Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Change on the horizon – LHIL 2011

Last week IMD organized the annual Leading High Impact Learning (LHIL) event. Close to 250 senior HR executives from around the world came to Lausanne on June 23-24 to learn, be inspired and network.

As LHIL director Lynn Verdina-Henchoz and IMD President Dominique Turpin mentioned, the focus of this year’s event was on how Learning and Development can be an enabler in helping organisations and individuals meet the challenges posed by the exponential changes taking place in the economy, the environment, technology and society.

With the goal to create a truly relevant and interactive event, LHIL included an agenda that allowed participants to take part in a series of workshops on current topics. For example, in the pre-conference workshops on Thursday, Professor Bala Chakravarthy lead a discussion on how to manage career progression through general management programs. Additionally, Paul Hunter, Director of IMD’s Corporate Learning Network, shared his insights on how to create learning organizations and Professor Preston Bottger facilitated an interesting discussion about how to engage senior leaders in an organization.

Participants were able to interact with IMD faculty during the themed dinner as well as network with their peers.

Friday morning started with an invigorating body percussion session led by Sewabeats, where participants explored a different way of leading and influencing others.

In parallel workshops, Dr. Bernie Jaworski covered action learning, Professor Ginka Toegel shared her insights on working with psychometric tools in leadership development, Professor Phil Rosenzweig discussed benefits with blended learning, Professor Susanne De Janasz explored the potential of virtual mentoring and Dr. Michael Wade presented the topic of digital natives.

In addition to these smaller, interactive sessions, LHIL also featured a series of plenary sessions. Professor Stéphane Garelli and Professor Michael Yaziji covered the global perspective from two different angles; Garelli from a global competitiveness angle and Yaziji from a sustainability angle. Specifically, Yaziji discussed how organizations can best respond to the sustainability challenge by focusing on competitive advantage and driving additional value creation. Professor Arturo Bris offered a value driven point-of-view on the role HR can play in the talent selection process.

And Professor Sean Mehaan lead an interactive panel discussion on the topic of how organizations can best motivate and develop future talent. Mads Ingholt, Head of Leadership Development at A.P. Moller-Maersk, Rob Davies, Global Talent Manager at B.A.T., Elina Koussis, Global Learning at General Electric and Sarah Lewis, Secretary General at The Internationale Ski Federation, contributed to this discussion.

The event concluded with a fantastic presentation by mountain climber and four-time world champion Catherine Destivelle followed by cocktails and more networking.

Faculty presentations and relevant links are currently featured to the right. Videos will be added by the end of next week.

Arturo Bris's presentation

Bala Chakravarthy's presentation

Bernard Jaworski's presentation

Ginka Toegel's presentation

Michael Wade's presentation

Michael Yaziji's presentation

Stéphane Garelli's presentation

Suzanne de Janasz's presentation

Corporate Learning Network's presentation


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Anonymous said...

For me it has been a significant experience again to be at IMD.
Nowadays, we are so distracted. It is easy to lose perspective in this rapidly changing world. IMD helped me another time to keep focused while I had great fun with professors and participants.
I learned many things but what I am going to remember for sure: focus is concentration with senses open.
Thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. Was a great event.
Do you also have the Blended Learning presentation by any chance?

Stephane Lhuillier said...

As always when at IMD, I came back with loads of ideas and a huge desire to make something even bigger. A Wow project!
Many thanks to everyone.